Why should an SCT Inst Scheme-adhering PSP join or make itself reachable via RT1?

Because RT1:

  • offers pan-European reach and real-time gross settlement of payments in immediately available central bank funds
  • is designed based on the needs of account servicing payment service providers- (AS-PSPs) across Europe and tuned to their requirements
  • quickly evolves in line with user needs through frequent system iterations
  • is equipped with rich functionality meeting SCT Inst Scheme requirements and providing the flexibility to exceed them via closed user groups
  • provides participants with a single interface for transactions settling in RT1, in TIPS, or across RT1 and TIPS
  • supports 24/7 liquidity management by the participants of their balances
  • offers value-adding Fraud Pattern and Anomaly Detection (FPAD) functionality, which helps PSPs combat fraud by contributing insights from a network view
  • allows participants to reach other SCT Inst Scheme adherents in RT1 via other SCT Inst CSMs connected to RT1 or otherwise via ECB reachability measures
  • offers different options to participants wishing to rely on other participants or on technical service providers for connectivity or liquidity services