Paris, 13 December 2021

EBA CLEARING successfully completes migration of RT1 technical account to TIPS

RT1 community and EBA CLEARING are first movers implementing Eurosystem measures for euro instant payments

EBA CLEARING announced today the successful migration of the RT1 technical account from TARGET2 to TIPS. The live activation for the RT1 community – over 2,500 payment service providers in 25 countries – took place on 10 December 2021 as part of the first migration wave for ancillary systems orchestrated by the Eurosystem.

We are pleased that the changeover to the set-up of the RT1 technical account in TIPS has been successfully completed. Combined with new RT1 liquidity management functionality and the enhancements of our Instructing Party option, this set-up enables our users to further simplify their daily handling of instant payments and manage their liquidity 24x7.

We would like to thank our user community for their major deployment and testing efforts over the past year. We would also like to thank the Eurosystem and our technology partners SIA and SWIFT for their support throughout this comprehensive migration process,”

said Erwin Kulk, Head of Service Development and Management at EBA CLEARING.

The migration of the technical account for RT1 settlement from TARGET2 to TIPS was part of the changes for euro instant payments introduced by the Eurosystem in December 2021. In addition to the 24/7 liquidity management, RT1 users can use RT1 as their instructing party in TIPS. With the recent enhancements, users now also have the option to manage their liquidity from a single place and use the RT1 technical account to exchange cross instant payments with TIPS Participants and Reachable Parties. This will make it easier for users to manage their liquidity for instant payments.

RT1 offers payment service providers in the Single Euro Payments Area a state-of-the-art, real-time payment processing facility operating around the clock on any day of the year for payments in line with the SCT Inst Scheme of the European Payments Council (EPC). Currently, over 1.6 million payments are settled in RT1 on weekdays – in real-time and with immediate finality, in around one second, across all corners of Europe.

Delivered as a pan-European instant payment system by EBA CLEARING, a European-owned, European-governed and European-regulated market infrastructure provider, RT1 is open to any account-servicing payment service provider (AS-PSP) adhering to the EPC SCT Inst Scheme. A variety of options to interact with the system allows any type of EPC SCT Inst Scheme adherent to access the RT1 infrastructure in the way that best suits their needs.

Click to see an overview of the RT1 access and participation model and the list of RT1 participants including a document listing all payment service providers addressable through the system. 

An interactive map documents the quarterly evolution of the RT1 reach for each European country and features user testimonials on RT1 and Request-to-Pay (R2P), the Company’s request to pay messaging service.