7 January 2020

New volume records for EBA CLEARING Services in 2020

In 2020, EBA CLEARING processed a total of 15.5 billion transactions across its payment services, which is 1.3 billion more than in 2019. December 2020 saw an all-time record of transactions processed across all services of almost 1.5 billion.

Three of EBA CLEARING’s payment services recorded new all-time highs for their daily average transaction volumes in December 2020. The STEP2 SCT Service processed over 22.5 million SEPA Credit Transfers per day on average. STEP2 SDD Core processed a daily average volume of over 31.3 million SEPA Core Direct Debits and RT1 increased its daily average volume of SEPA Instant Credit Transfers processed to 948,075. On weekdays, EBA CLEARING’s real-time payment platform currently handles over 1 million instant payments per day.