Important note as of February 2021:  The access model and admission criteria described herein were prepared in view of the initial launch date of the EPC SEPA Request-to-Pay (SRTP) Scheme in November 2020 based on the public consultation version of the SRTP Rulebook. The R2P access model is subject to review in light of the further evolution of the EPC SEPA Request-to-Pay (SRTP) Scheme Rulebook.


The access and participation model for R2P, EBA CLEARING's request to pay service, was defined with a view to allowing fair and open access to the service and support compliance by users with the EPC SEPA Request-to-Pay (SRTP) Scheme Rulebook. Different access and participation options with several possibilities for connecting to the service are provided, with the aim to facilitate access, build maximum reach and establish a high level of reliability and trust between users.

R2P will be accessible by any request-to-pay service providers (RTP-SPs) in the EU adhering to the future SRTP Scheme Rulebook of the EPC.

Planned joining windows in 2021*


Event Window 1 Window 2 Window 3
Deadline for participation 12 April 2021 21 June 2021 10 September 2021
Start of connectivity testing 19 April 2021 28 June 2021 20 September 2021
Start of free testing 18 May 2021 12 July 2021 27 September 2021
Start of scripted testing 18 May 2021 19 July 2021 18 October 2021
Go-live date 15 June 2021 16 September 2021 2 December 2021


*The technical delivery of the R2P Service was completed on 15 June, in line with the entry into force of the EPC SRTP Scheme. R2P Joining windows are indicative and may need to be adjusted to the EPC SRTP adherence calendar.

Admission criteria

In order to fulfil the admission criteria for the R2P Service, a participant must:

  1. have its registered office in a Member State of the EU, the EEA or the OECD, or a country or territory that is part of SEPA
  2. be authorised to act as a payment service provider
  3. be able to comply with the technical and operational requirements of the R2P Service, including requirements aiming at ensuring availability of the Participant during the operational times of the service
  4. participate in the service via its registered office or a branch located in the geographical area of SEPA
  5. have adhered to the SRTP Scheme Rulebook of the European Payments Council

In order to connect to the service, the applicant once admitted as participant shall fulfil relevant connection requirements (such as provision of a BIC address for routing purposes, technical and operational requirements, compliance with test and training requirements, etc.).