STEP1 Participants can directly exchange payments with all participants and sub-participants in both EURO1 and STEP1. 

STEP1 Participants and Sub-Participants can also list their client banks in the EURO1/STEP1 Directory, increasing the percentage of payments they send and receive on behalf of these client banks through the highly efficient and cost-effective intra-day payment channel provided by EURO1/STEP1. The Directory currently includes over 15,000 BICs, which are reachable either directly or through the participants and sub-participants of EURO1/STEP1.

The Directory can be consulted and modified by participants and sub-participants in EURO1/ STEP1. The access to and usage of the directory are free of charge for the participating banks.

EURO1/STEP1 is operating without RMA (SWIFT’s Relationship Management Application), meaning that no bilateral key exchange is needed between the participants for the sending or receipt of payments.