Service videos

September 2023

Taking instant payments to the next level

Instant payments have started to change the way we pay. RT1 offers 24/7 immediate finality, real-time message exchange and reach all across Europe. Now it is time to take instant payments to the next level. Learn more about how EBA CLEARING is evolving RT1 to support users in capturing value around instant payments. 

September 2020

How will request to pay (R2P) work? And how could it be applied to 'approve now' and 'approve later' scenarios?

This video explains how the R2P Service could support compelling end-to-end solutions and zooms in on two specific use cases: payment at the point of interaction ('approve now') and payment of a bill ('approve later').

September 2019

Why request to pay (R2P)? What benefits does it hold?

Watch this video to learn why a pan-European request to pay solution is the missing piece of the puzzle to realise the full potential of instant payments and real-time messaging capabilities in Europe, and to learn more about the benefits of this new solution.