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03rd June 2015 OTC Meeting in Dublin
16th June 2015 UK Country Group Meeting in London
24th June 2015 EBA CLEARING Board Meeting in Brussels
15th September 2015 SEPA BWG Meeting in Paris
15th September 2015 UK Country Group and TOG Meeting in London

15th May 2015 Shareholder Representatives can access the presentation slides shown at the Shareholders Meeting by clicking [here]. A PDF version of the Annual Report 2014 can be downloaded by clicking [here].

12th May 2015 EBA CLEARING’s STEP2 Card Clearing Service supports banks in reaping synergies from the re-use of SEPA infrastructure and interfaces. The ramp-up of this XML-based clearing service for card-initiated payments is progressing in line with the migration planning and scheduled to be completed in November 2015. Please click here to read the press release.

04th May 2015 Hays Littlejohn took office at EBA CLEARING as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer on 1st May 2015, following his appointment by the EBA CLEARING Board on 1st November 2014. Please [click here] for the full press release.

07th April 2015 EBA CLEARING’s SEDA Service has seen new volume peaks with over 8 million transactions in March.

09th March 2015 EBA CLEARING announced today the kick-off of an Instant Payment Task Force to support the Company’s ongoing work on the creation of a pan-European solution for instant payment processing. Please [click here] for the full press release and [here] for the ToR of the Task Force.