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07th September 2015 FDG Meeting in Paris
15th September 2015 SEPA BWG Meeting in Paris
17th September 2015 UK Country Group and TOG Meeting in London
22nd September 2015 OTC Meeting in Brussels
23rd September 2015 EBA CLEARING Board Meeting in Brussels

28th August 2015 Are you at Sibos? Join our community session "Making real-time payments a reality: EBA CLEARING’s pan-European approach" on Thursday, 15th October 2015, 14:15-15:15 (local time) in Conference Room 4. For more information on the session, please click here.

14th August 2015 At the request of EBA CLEARING, PPI AG has delivered a questionnaire to support banks in their internal evaluation and comparison of the clearing channels they use for their SEPA payments. Banks can use this evaluation tool to establish a full picture of their current infrastructure cost as a basis for any internal re-assessments. Please [click here] to download a PDF version of this evaluation document, which can be conveniently filled in electronically.

01st July 2015 EBA CLEARING has published a blueprint document spelling out high-level business requirements for a pan-European instant payment infrastructure solution. To read the press release, please click here. To request a copy of the blueprint document, please click here.

15th May 2015 Shareholder Representatives can access the presentation slides shown at the Shareholders Meeting by clicking [here]. A PDF version of the Annual Report 2014 can be downloaded by clicking [here].

12th May 2015 EBA CLEARING’s STEP2 Card Clearing Service supports banks in reaping synergies from the re-use of SEPA infrastructure and interfaces. The ramp-up of this XML-based clearing service for card-initiated payments is progressing in line with the migration planning and scheduled to be completed in November 2015. Please click here to read the press release.