Mission and objectives

Our mission

EBA CLEARING’s mission is to deliver market infrastructure solutions for the pan-European payments industry, to support its users’ needs in line with user requirements. The strategic aims of the Company are to ensure a pan-European and country-neutral approach for the development and delivery of infrastructure solutions, thereby ensuring excellence and robustness in delivering our services. EBA CLEARING will maintain its track record of timely delivery of user-driven solutions responding to evolving and new demands for infrastructure solutions, thereby demonstrating its openness to stakeholders’ needs and agility in its role as market infrastructure solutions provider.

Our objectives

EBA CLEARING aims to allow cost optimisation for its users, and is not seeking profit or shareholder value maximisation. In pursuing its mission, EBA CLEARING is guided by the objective to offer its users solutions that are fit for purpose and efficient, with a special focus on safety and ensuring compliance with regulatory and oversight requirements. EBA CLEARING recognises its role in supporting financial stability and promoting fair and efficient markets; it is committed to discharging these responsibilities.