Paris, 11 March 2013

EBA CLEARING launches MyBank Service Provider Program

  • 14 service providers have developed IT solutions to support MyBank from the start
  • 29 banks are scheduled to go live with MyBank on 25th March 2013
  • The second joining window for MyBank opens on 15th April 2013

EBA CLEARING announced today the launch of a MyBank Service Provider Program. The program supports providers that offer infrastructure, IT and mobile technology or consultancy services to the MyBank Participants or their customers in taking an active and visible part in the MyBank ecosystem. It has been set up by EBA CLEARING to facilitate the exchange of information with the service provider community and its inclusion in the wider stakeholder consultation on the MyBank evolution.

“We are very pleased that 14 service providers have already developed IT solutions to support payment service providers and merchants in their preparations for the MyBank live date and the subsequent ramp-up period,” said John Broxis, Director, EBA CLEARING. “Our Service Provider Program will make it easier for providers to ensure that their products meet the needs of the MyBank users. It will give them access to our technical documentation, our events and workshops and – if they sign up to the Self-Certification Program – to the MyBank test environment.”

The MyBank Self-Certification Program will enable service providers to selfcertify their infrastructure based on a testing program carried out with the support of the MyBank test tools. The self-certification allows them to position their infrastructure services in the market as compliant with the MyBank specifications as well as with the technical, business and security requirements of the solution. 

MyBank is going live on 25th March 2013 with 10 banking groups representing a total of 29 MyBank Participants. A second joining window for participants will open on 15th April 2013.

MyBank is an e-authorisation solution enabling customers across Europe to pay for their online shopping via online and mobile banking. It will support epayments via SEPA Credit Transfer from the start. By the end of this year, MyBank users will also be able to create, modify and cancel e-mandates for SEPA Direct Debits.

Service providers interested in joining the MyBank Service Provider Program can find more information about the benefits of the program and the different participation modes it offers on: