Berlin and Paris, 21 May 2013

EBA CLEARING calls for MyBank E-mandate Pilot Participants

Pilot for MyBank E-mandate solution planned to go live in October 2013

EBA CLEARING has issued a call for participation in its MyBank E-mandate Pilot to banks and service providers at the EBAday payments conference in Berlin today. The aim of the pilot is to test the MyBank E-mandate solution for SEPA Core Direct Debits with regard to reliability, security and usability.

The testing will involve banks, service providers and corporates which will ensure in co-operation that the different components of the MyBank E-mandate solution work together seamlessly before the solution will be rolled out

Service providers can participate in the testing either directly or through a partnership with a participating bank. Banks are invited to join the pilot with a corporate customer to ensure that the end-to-end testing fully meets the requirements and expectations of all stakeholders.

“Direct Debits are a very attractive and cost-effective payment method for online shopping. That is why Ecommerce Europe has been calling for a panEuropean e-authorisation solution based on the SEPA instruments,” said Wijnand Jongen, Vice-President (Operations), Chair of the Executive Committee, Ecommerce Europe. “E-merchants across Europe look forward to being offered such a solution by their payment service provider.”

“E-merchants, public institutions and other billers are eagerly awaiting an e-mandate solution that can be used to electronically collect SEPA Direct Debits from customers all across Europe,” said Ivo De Meersman, General Manager, Group Payments, KBC. “Such a solution will also enable billers to streamline and automate key processes around SDD mandate management.”

Interested parties can register for the MyBank E-mandate Pilot until 17th July 2013. The pilot will be kicked off in October 2013 and will run until February 2014. It is expected that MyBank users will be able to create, modify and cancel e-mandates for SEPA Core Direct Debits by the beginning of next year.

MyBank went live in March 2013. At this stage, the solution enables online shoppers to initiate SEPA Credit Transfers via their regular online or mobile banking interface without the need to disclose their personal bank account or payment details to any third parties.


MyBank is an electronic authorisation solution that makes it easier and safer to sell and buy goods and services over the Internet all across Europe.

MyBank enables customers to pay for their online purchases via their regular online banking environment or the payment application of their payment service provider. The solution is open to all authorised payment service providers in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) including, without limitation, credit institutions and payment institutions.

MyBank is geared at supporting the initiation of e-payments via the SEPA instruments. The solution is expandable and may at a later stage also be used for transactions in other currencies or for e-identity services.

MyBank has been developed by EBA CLEARING, which also manages the solution. EBA CLEARING is a provider of pan-European payment infrastructure solutions owned by 63 of the major banks operating in Europe.

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