EBA CLEARING is the leading private sector provider of pan-European payment infrastructure solutions, managing two Systemically Important Payment Systems (SIPS) for payment service providers. The Company’s services provide living examples of how a broad-based, pan-European community works together to design, build and run a private-sector payment infrastructure that is fit for purpose, efficient, highly resilient and cost-effective.

EBA CLEARING has a long and successful track record in the timely delivery of market infrastructure solutions for the European payments industry at a reasonable cost, based on a close co-operation with its multinational user community and best-of-breed technology partners. The Company’s payment systems are at the heart of the European economy providing critical services across Europe on a daily basis.

Why should an SCT Inst Scheme-adhering PSP join or make itself reachable via RT1? Because RT1 is 

  • Pan-European by design
  • Designed to enable pan-European reach
  • Available since the SCT Inst Scheme launch date
  • Easy to join
  • Accessible for use by participants and by addressable entities
  • User-driven and flexible
  • Attractively priced

Key benefits of EBA CLEARING’s instant payment service delivery approach

  • Pan-European vision and scope

  • Impeccable track record of delivery in time

  • Users drive the development and implementation of the solutions

  • Scalability of the solutions

  • Strong focus on robustness and resilience of the systems

  • Country-neutral governance

  • Impeccable track record of delivery on budget

  • Low development cost thanks to a wide user base sharing investments

  • Agility of the system architecture