Frequently asked questions

Where can I address my questions related to EBA CLEARING’s Instant Payment Service RT1?

You can submit your question(s) regarding RT1 via our contact form.

How can I join EBA CLEARING’s instant payment service RT1?

If you would like to join RT1, please contact us via our contact form with your preference for one of the proposed joining windows. We will guide you through the whole joining process.

What access and participation options does RT1 offer?

You can learn more about the access and participation options in our section on access models.

What are the planned service releases for 2017?

There are two releases planned for the test environment in 2017:

Release 1: Available for testing from April 2017

  • Message exchange (pacs.008 & pacs.002)
  • Connectivity via SIANet
  • Liquidity management functions
  • Participant Workstation

Release 2: Available for testing from June 2017

  • “Wait and see” scenario (optional time-out)
  • Real-time R-messages (camt.056, camt.029, pacs.004, pacs.028)
  • File-based reports
  • Connectivity via EBICS
  • End-to-end interface with TARGET2 ASI-6 real-time
  • The service will go live with release 1 on 20 November 2017

Future participants are invited to test from release 1 knowing that the system will have all functionality foreseen for the go-live in November 2017 available from release 2. The test scripts will be elaborated by the IP Testing Sub-Group and communicated in due course.

How can I get the functional and technical specifications for RT1?

The functional and technical specifications of the service are available to those payment service providers (PSPs) in SEPA that are intending to participate in the service as of November 2017 or a joining date in 2018, and to those technical service providers that will be implementing the service on behalf of PSPs in SEPA.

Should you be preparing for joining during 2017 or 2018, please contact us.

What network connectivity options does RT1 offer?

For the go-live in November 2017, you will be able to connect to EBA CLEARING’s Instant Payment Service RT1 via SIANet and/or EBICS. Since the service is network-agnostic, additional connectivity options may become available at a later stage.