Access and participation options

The access and participation model for RT1, EBA CLEARING's instant payment service, has been defined with a view to allowing fair and open access to the service. Different access and participation options with several possibilities for connecting to the service are provided, with the aim to facilitate access and efficiently build reach.

Use of the service is open to account servicing payment service providers (AS-PSPs) adhering to the EPC SCT Inst Scheme.

Access options

  1. Participants can set up a direct connection with the system to exchange messages as a service participant.
  2. Participants can rely on other participants or on technical service providers to support them with connectivity or liquidity services.
  3. Addressable PSPs are reachable in the system via a participant.

Cooperation models to facilitate access

  1. Participants can offer connectivity and/or liquidity services to other participants or intermediary PSP services to support reachability by non-participating PSPs ('addressable PSPs').
  2. Technical service providers can support participants in connecting to the system (e.g. ACHs, service bureaus).
  3. Liquidity service providers can support users by providing/managing liquidity to fund/defund a position in the system.

Overview of different options to connect to or access the system

How AS-PSPs can use the system by leveraging liquidity providers

EBA CLEARING supports direct technical connectivity relying on service providers

EBA CLEARING contributes to the efforts of service providers delivering support services as described above by

  • giving these service providers access to its instant payment test environment and tools
  • actively supporting the co-operation models developed for serviced participants in the live system by involving service providers in the IP service roll-out and communication process

A list of frontrunner service providers ready to support (early) joiners of EBA CLEARING's instant payment service can be found here.

For further information, please also refer to: "Ensuring a smooth take-off for euro instant payments: A white paper on pan-European infrastructure considerations", which can be downloaded here