Compliance FAQ

As duly supervised credit institutions, EURO1 Participants regularly request EBA CLEARING to provide information on subject matters (such as business continuity and privacy) covered by questionnaires used by supervisory authorities, in particular in the US. To simplify this process, EBA CLEARING prepared a document with answers to due diligence questionnaires in relation to defined aspects relating to participation in financial market, available to EBA CLEARING Shareholder Representatives. This document has now been removed from the website.

EBA CLEARING will continue to assist banks participating in EURO1 and is currently updating the questionnaire, which can be made available to assist banks in the context of complying with supervisory requirements.  If your institution needs to obtain the questionnaire for responding to supervisory or regulatory requirements, please contact the EBA CLEARING Investigations and Customer Support Unit (ICU).

The following summary describes how EBA CLEARING’s Business Continuity Plan is organised. Please note that this document is only available for EBA CLEARING Shareholder Representatives.

Summary of EBA CLEARING's Business Continuity Plan