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Intesa Sanpaolo and EBA CLEARING announce successful first resting results for the first pan-European instant payment solution (14th April 2017)

EBA CLEARING to introduce EBICS as additional connectivity option for its instant payment system (9th March 2017)

Timely testing phase kick-off for EBA CLEARING’s pan-European instant payment system (18th January 2017)

Avviata la fase di test del sistema pan-europeo di instant payments di EBA CLEARING (18th January 2017)

EBA CLEARING witnesses continued strong growth in support for pan-European real-time payment platform (21st September 2016)

EBA CLEARING makes available specifications for its pan-European instant payment solution (27th July 2016)

EBA CLEARING provides sneak preview of instant payment platform design (7th June 2016)

EBA CLEARING secures strong commitment for Q4/2017 launch of its pan-European instant payment platform (19th April 2016)

EBA CLEARING’s STEP2 platform responds to corporate requirement for nearly unlimited structured remittance information in SEPA Credit Transfers (12th April 2016)

EBA CLEARING and SIA sign letter of intent for the technical delivery of a pan-European infrastructure solution for instant payments (9th February 2016)

Bank of Lithuania provides SEPA connectivity to local banks via EBA CLEARING’s STEP2 platform (10th December 2015) 

EBA CLEARING issues update of blueprint for a pan-European instant payment infrastructure solution (14th October 2015) 

EBA CLEARING launches RFP process for pan-European instant payment infrastructure solution (6th October 2015) 

EBA CLEARING issues blueprint for pan-European instant payment infrastructure solution (1st July 2015)   

EBA CLEARING’s STEP2 Card Clearing Service supports banks in reaping synergies from the re-use of SEPA infrastructure and interfaces (12th May 2015)   

Hays Littlejohn takes office as new CEO of EBA CLEARING (4th May 2015)  

EBA CLEARING kicks off task force as part of work on pan-European instant payment infrastructure solution (9th March 2015)  

Latvian Central Bank to connect to STEP2 to provide banks with enhanced access (1st October 2014)

Deutsche Bundesbank and EBA CLEARING to deliver new card clearing infrastructure for German banks (30th September 2014)

Systemic importance of STEP2 reflects evolution of EBA CLEARING’s euro retail payment platform (27th August 2014)

EBA CLEARING responds to call for extended remittance information (11th June 2014)

First banks and service providers sign up for MyBank Mandates (10th June 2014)

MyBank – a solution for providing Access to the Account in line with PSD2 requirements (10th June 2014)

EBA CLEARING plans card clearing service on STEP2 platform (10th June 2014)

EBA CLEARING sieht bedeutenden Fortschritt bei SEPA-Migration (18th March 2014)

EBA CLEARING witnesses substantial SEPA migration progress  (18th March 2014)

Alpitour World adotta MyBank per i pagamenti online (25th February 2014)

Online travel agency Alpitour World adds MyBank as online payment option (25th February 2014) 

Il sistema di pagamento MyBank è ora attivo sull’assicurazione online Zurich Connect (20th February 2014)

Online insurer Zurich Connect takes MyBank payment method (20th February 2014) 

Si é conclusa con successo la fase pilota dei Service Provider del MyBank Mandate (19th February 2014) 

MyBank Mandate Pilot Service Provider testing phase successfully completed (19th February 2014) 

Utility provider Enel connects to EBA CLEARING’s MyBank service with support of UniCredit (28th November 2013) 

Enel si collega al servizio MyBank di EBA CLEARING con il supporto di UniCredit (28th November 2013) 

Major German banks start migration of bilateral transactions to EBA CLEARING’s SEPA payments platform STEP2 (23rd October 2013) 

EBA CLEARINGs STEP2 platform passes the mark of 2 billion SEPA payments processed (18th September 2013)  

Partecipanti da sei nazioni europee prendono parte al progetto pilota sui mandati elettronici in MyBank (16th September 2013)

Participants from six European countries take part in the MyBank E-mandate Pilot (16th September 2013)

Emirates NBD to join STEP1 payment platform (16th September 2013)

SWIFT and EBA CLEARING to launch revamped EURO1/STEP1 Directory (16th September 2013)

La seconda finestra di adesione a MyBank vede la partecipazione di altre 23 banche (8th July 2013)

Second MyBank Joining Window sees another 23 financial institutions go live with MyBank (8th July 2013)

EBA CLEARING provides central processing platform for SEPA payments (21st May 2013)

EBA CLEARING stellt zentrale Plattform für die Abwicklung des SEPA-Zahlungsverkehrs bereit (21st May 2013)

EBA CLEARING enhances resilience of STEP2 platform in co-operation with SIA and IBM (21st May 2013)

EBA CLEARING calls for MyBank E-mandate Pilot Participants (21st May 2013)

EBA CLEARING launches MyBank (25th March 2013)

Italian banks plan nation-wide roll-out of MyBank (25th March 2013)

EBA CLEARING launches MyBank Service Provider Program (11th March 2013)

Eleven banks to go live with MyBank in March 2013 (19th December 2012)


EBA CLEARING plans third site for STEP2 in co-operation with IBM and SIA
(9th November 2012)

EBA CLEARING launches MyBank Technical Pilot (4th June 2012)

Italian banks and e-merchants embrace MyBank e-payment solution
(16th May 2012)

EBA CLEARING STEP2 is ready for SEPA migration end-date (15th May 2012)

MyBank Pilot starts in June 2012 (15th May 2012)

EBA CLEARING introduces additional settlement cycles in the STEP2 SCT Service (20th February 2012)

STEP2 SCT Service witnesses new peak record as it celebrates its 4th anniversary (31st January 2012)

EBA CLEARING closes down STEP2 XCT Service as part of SEPA migration (5th December 2011)

EBA CLEARING and IPSO announce successful launch of STEP2 Irish Service (11th October 2011)

EBA CLEARING to provide EURO1 banks with more flexibility in managing credit risk (20th September 2011)

EBA CLEARING calls for MyBank pilot participants (19th September 2011)

EBA CLEARING to launch pan-European e-services initiative (15th June 2011)

Kookmin Bank connects to EBA CLEARING's STEP1 Service (15th June 2011)

OTP Bank successfully completes EURO1 joining process (26th October 2010)

EBA CLEARING to welcome over 1,000 new banks in SEPA Direct Debit Services(25th October 2010)

Irish banks choose STEP2 for domestic payment processing (25th October 2010)

CRISTAL supports new EURO1 settlement process via TARGET2 Ancillary System Interface (8th July 2010)

EBA CLEARING and IBERPAY activate link between IBERPAY and STEP2 platforms for SEPA Direct Debits (5th July 2010)

SEEBACH banks discuss with EBA CLEARING XML processing options for urgent payments (26th May 2010)

OTP Bank to join EURO1 payment system (26th May 2010)

SEPA Credit Transfer Service of EBA CLEARING experiences steep growth (26th May 2010)

EBA CLEARING successfully kicks off SDD processing (2nd November 2009)

SDD Services of EBA CLEARING ready for scheme launch (12th October 2009)

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen to connect to EURO1 payment system (15th September 2009)

SDD preparations on track for EBA CLEARING banks (14th September 2009)

EURO1/STEP1 Directory increases service reach by close to 75 percent (14th September 2009)

EBA CLEARING banks launch direct debit implementation forum (1st July 2009)

European banks prepare for SEPA Direct Debit Services of EBA CLEARING (6th April 2009)

STEP2 SCT settlement migrated to TARGET2 (9th December 2008)

STEP2 SCT to offer night-time settlement from December 2008 (15th September 2008)

EBA CLEARING gears up for more domestic traffic with the introduction of two additional liquidity distribution windows in EURO1 and increased credit caps in STEP1 (15th September 2008)

EBA CLEARING and IBERPAY report details on link for SEPA (22nd February 2008)

First SEPA Credit Transfers successfully processed in STEP2 (28th January 2008)

EBA CLEARING and KIR S.A. establish interoperability for SEPA (25th January 2008)

EBA CLEARING and Seceti announce cooperation on establishing a STEP2 link(19th November 2007)

EBA CLEARING banks get ready for SEPA (25th October 2007)

Launch of new EBA and EBA CLEARING websites (25th September 2007)

Crédit du Nord joins EURO1 payment system (10th July 2007)

EBA CLEARING and SIA-SSB agree on a shared platform for SEPA payments (5th June 2007)

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