Interview videos

June 2022

Finextra TV @ EBAday 2022: Faster SEPA credit transfers around the clock

Faster SEPA credit transfers processed around the clock are just around the corner, thanks to upgrades being brought to EBA CLEARING’s STEP2 System. Erwin Kulk, Head of Service Development and Management, explains how these changes are supporting the industry and when these new service levels will be widely available.

October 2021

Finextra TV @ Sibos 2021: Tailwinds for Request to Pay

How tangible will request to pay become across Europe in the coming year and what difference can a 4-corner model make? Erwin Kulk, Head of Service Development and Management at EBA CLEARING, gives answers to these questions and an outlook on drivers for request to pay adoption and the Company’s R2P Service.

October 2020

Ramp-up of instant payments and preparations for RTP roll-out in Europe

Hays Littlejohn, CEO, EBA CLEARING gives his View From Sibos on how the ramp-up for instant payments is evolving across Europe and how RT1 can help PSPs to connect to TIPS. We also learn about the Request to Pay infrastructure service R2P going live in November this year and how we can expect this space to develop moving forward.

September 2020

The concept of request to pay

Petra Plompen, Senior Manager - Service Development and Management at EBA CLEARING, talked to Tony McLaughlin of Citi about request to pay, instant payments and EBA CLEARING's request to pay infrastructure service R2P to be launched in November 2020.