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September 2019

Getting ready for request to pay

Erwin Kulk, Head of Service Development at EBA CLEARING, speaks at Sibos 2019 about Request to Pay, Instant Payments and when RTP becomes available.

May 2019

Delivering compelling customer propositions based on instant payments

Hays Littlejohn, CEO of EBA CLEARING, speaks at EBADay 2019 in Stockholm about  delivering compelling customer propositions based on instant payments and how EBA CLEARING is ensuring that its R2P solution will meet the needs of the European market.

June 2018

Interview: Facilitating SCT Inst migration

In the above excerpts from a Finextra interview, EBA CLEARING CEO Hays Littlejohn explains how the RT1 system supports aggregators and other AS-PSPs in migrating to SCT Inst. The pan-European instant payment system welcomed six new participants in July 2018 – including LBBW and Helaba, which connected the German savings bank sector to the platform.

June 2018

Putting cross-service alignment at the top of the strategic agenda

Erwin Kulk, Head of Service Development and Management EBAclearing, speaks at EBAday 2018 about changes within the industry's infrastructure layer and what impact the roll-out of instant payments will have on large-value payments.

August 2017

Real-time payments in euro available as early as November 2017

Hays Littlejohn, CEO, EBA CLEARING, talks about the upcoming migration to SCT Inst and emerging developments in the high-value payments area.

August 2017

Act now on instant payments

In this video, Erwin Kulk, Head of Services Development and Management at EBA CLEARING, and Barry Kislingbury, Director, Solution Consulting, Immediate Payments, ACI Worldwide, discuss the importance of ubiquity for instant payments in Europe, the role of service providers in helping achieve reach and sharing their experiences of real-time payments implementations globally, and the reasons for banks not to wait to get real-time ready.