Strategy and Policy Committee (SPC)

The Strategy and Policy Committee (SPC) focuses on addressing the longer-term positioning and development of EBA CLEARING. 

Through its constant monitoring of the payment industry, the SPC aims to identify and assess the banks' needs in order to propose and evaluate the development of new products and services catering for these needs. The Committee also considers the strategy for extending the services of the company to new markets. 

Besides analysing market facts and prospects, the SPC also examines the strengths and weaknesses of EBA CLEARING and tries to identify opportunities to enhance its competitiveness. 
The SPC is composed of Board members only.

List of SPC Members

as of May 2016 

Robert Heisterborg  ING Bank  Chairperson
Peter Vance  Allied Irish Banks   
Christian Westerhaus  Deutsche Bank   


Terms of Reference

as of January 2004


The mission of the Strategy and Policy Committee is to propose long term orientations for the positioning and the development of the company and its clearing system. 
The Committee will in particular: 

  • examine the evolution of the payments industry in Europe and globally;  
  • assess the banks' needs towards payment infrastructures;  
  • examine the strengths and weaknesses of the company's offering, in comparison to competitive offerings;  
  • observe developments in areas which are linked to the payments business;  
  • observe the long term evolution of technology to produce and deliver payment services.


  • The Committee is chaired by a Board member, designated by the Board.  
  • The Committee consists of up to 15 members including the chairman. The potential members are nominated by the clearing banks on a country by country or region by region basis as the case may be. The Board of the Clearing Company ensures, through the chairman of the Committee, that it covers the largest possible user basis.  
  • A member of the management team of the EBA CLEARING Company is a member of the Committee.  
  • The EBA CLEARING Company will provide further support to the committee for the organisation of meetings and follow-up actions.  

The Committee meets upon notice given by its chairman whenever deemed appropriate, generally every 2 months. Meetings take place in Paris at the premises of the EBA CLEARING Company.


Persons with expertise in marketing payment services, payments product development and payment system policy issues. The members of the committee are familiar with the functioning of the EBA Euro Clearing System.


The Committee prepares working documents on issues that were submitted to them or that arose during their discussions. These working documents are then reviewed by the management of the EBA CLEARING Company. Proposals to the Board of the EBA CLEARING Company are made by the management of EBA CLEARING. The responsibility for those proposals lies with the management of EBA CLEARING.