Operations and Technical Committee (OTC)

The Operations and Technical Committee (OTC) focuses on the operational, procedural, functional and technical aspects regarding the EBA CLEARING systems EURO1, STEP1 and (where relevant) STEP2. Its major task is to examine and propose operational and technical enhancements to the infrastructure of the Company. 

The OTC works in close co-operation with the EBA CLEARING Management, Country Group Representatives and User Advisory Groups. The Committee’s tasks currently include the validation of project plans presented by EBA CLEARING Management for the implementation of new system releases as well as updating User Manuals and Code of Conducts. 
Besides focusing on the payment services of EBA CLEARING, the OTC also serves as an expert forum for existing and future IT and communication developments including trends in the European payments industry, both on a national and SEPA level. 

The OTC is composed of business and technical experts from Shareholder Banks appointed by the different national user communities. 

Meeting documentation

The meeting documentation is available for download for all OTC members by clicking here. 

List of OTC members

as of June 2017


Peter Vance Allied Irish Banks


Ludy Limburg Royal Bank of Scotland Plc Deputy Chairperson
Barry Connolly Allied Irish Banks  
David Lopez Miguel Banco Espanol de Credito  
Marc Weber Banque Internationale à Luxembourg  
Raquel Barrado BBVA  
Franki Thierens BNP Paribas Fortis  
Simon John McConnell Citibank NA  
Andreas Schneider Commerzbank AG  
Scott Ellerby Danske Bank  
Kasper Sylvest Olsen Danske Bank  
Claudia Boni Intesa Sanpaolo  
Christel Vermeir KBC Bank  
Babis Ermidis National Bank of Greece  
Kalle Keihänen Nordea Bank Finland  
Tibor Karvaly OTP Bank  
Remco Mensink Rabobank Nederland  
Gerald Hechl Raiffeisen Bank International  
Laura McDermott Royal Bank of Scotland  
Sylvain Daugé Société Générale  
Magdalena Olsson Swedbank AB (publ)  
Yoko Igarashi UBS AG  
Corinna Lauer UniCredit Bank AG  
Andrea Franchetti Rosada UniCredit S.p.A.