At EBA CLEARING, we are committed to delivering market infrastructure solutions for the pan-European payments industry. Our payment services matter: to our user community and to the pan-European payments ecosystem at large.

Our work is ambitious and results-driven. And our attitude is agile and open-minded. The projects waiting for you will give you the opportunity to excel and grow – and they will be fun.

Join our team of smart and curious people from all over the world as we help shape the future of pan-European payments. 

Hear from our staff

"What I enjoy at my company is having the chance to interact with people from all over Europe and to build long-lasting relationships."

Sarah, joined EBA CLEARING in 2018


"Working at EBA CLEARING is a unique experience – not only because of the people you meet with various backgrounds, but also because of all the different challenges you get to take on. The trust my management has in me is incomparable!​"

Saima, at EBA CLEARING since 2015


“Working in such a culturally rich organisation, where one can feel respected, listened to and appreciated is absolutely priceless. That is EBA CLEARING. A welcoming work-place where you can thrive and maximise your potential while seeing your contributions to the company materialise in a tangible and significant manner.”

Jessica, joined EBA CLEARING in 2018


“EBA CLEARING is a company that truly cares about its employees. Tools to evolve are given to you and most importantly: trust. And above all, the experience of working in a real multicultural environment is incredibly rewarding.”

Israel, at EBA CLEARING since 2016


"EBA CLEARING is a company that creates opportunities and value not only for its customers, but also for its employees.​ The multi-faceted projects we get to work on, the support we receive from the company, the way we innovate without disrupting and the cultural diversity we embrace: those are some of the ingredients of a successful organisation."

Nicola, joined EBA CLEARING in 2005


I very much enjoy actively working on the development of pan-European services with my international colleagues. Plus, I appreciate the friendly work environment which allows me to pursue both personal and professional development.

Matej, joined EBA CLEARING in 2020


The people are the most valuable asset of our company. Also, if it comes to professional development, the sky is the limit.

Catalina, joined EBA CLEARING in 2011