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EBA CLEARING set one of the first milestones in the era of euro clearing in 1998, when the newly created company started operating EURO1, a large-value clearing system for cross-border euro payments, on the eve of the Economic and Monetary Union.

In 2000, EBA CLEARING launched the STEP1 single payment service for commercial transactions. Since April 2003, EBA CLEARING has been managing and operating STEP2, a Pan-European Automated Clearing House (PE-ACH) for mass payments in euro, which has been offering SEPA Services since January 2008.

A comprehensive processing centre for euro payments

In a step-by-step approach, EBA CLEARING has assembled the necessary infrastructure to meet the different requirements of its users with regard to the processing of euro transactions in the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). EURO1, STEP1 and STEP2 offer a comprehensive array of services ranging from high-value to low-value, from non-STP to STP, from time-critical to non-critical, from single to bulk or batch payments.

EURO1 and STEP1 provide an efficient, secure and cost-effective infrastructure to the banks in the EU for channelling their financial and commercial cross-border and domestic payments in euro. EURO1 and STEP1 are based on the messaging infrastructure and computing facilities provided by SWIFT. Payments processed through EURO1 are irrevocable and with immediate finality. EURO1 settles at the end of the day via a settlement account at the European Central Bank.

STEP2 is a pan-European ACH for mass payments in euro. It was launched in April 2003 with SIA as technological partner. Its services include the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) Service as well as the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) Core Service and the SEPA Direct Debit (SDD) B2B Service, all fully compliant with the respective SEPA Scheme Rulebooks. The STEP2 SCT Service was launched on 28th January 2008, the official SEPA start date. The STEP2 SDD Services were launched on 2nd November 2009, the launch date of the SEPA Direct Debit Schemes.

Through its SCT and SDD offerings, STEP2 provides banks across Europe with one channel through which they can send and receive their SEPA Credit Transfers as well as their SEPA Direct Debits.

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